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Summit Advisors provides the most innovative solutions confronting common challenges to meet all your management and leadership training needs.


Our Client Guarantee

If a client is not satisfied with the presentation of one of our programs,  we offer a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Of the many thousands of participants who have attended our programs, no one has ever asked for a refund!  

Summit Advisors Testimonials

We are always interested in hearing about your thoughts and experiences with our services. These are actual feedback comments describing Jack Pratt from managers  and executives attending training workshops/seminars. Names and companies will be provided to you at our first scheduled meeting.

"Not only was the class the most enjoyable and beneficial I've had in my professional career, my department here at (organization name omitt seed) has benefited as well. You would appreciate some of the comments I've received from employees that did not realize that the direction they were complimenting was a direct result of your class (including one woman who said she appreciated working 'with me' as opposed to 'working for' one of my peers). Personally, I felt my career goals were reinvigorated by taking the seminar. The renewed sense of direction as well as heightened motivation I attribute to you."

"Pratt is one of the most impressive speakers I have ever had the opportunity to hear. Tremendous form in teaching that I feel will truly benefit me with my everyday management practices."

"..Jack Pratt is a tremendous teacher and leader!"

"Not once was I ever bored in your class - that says a lot for a 3 day training, ... You really helped us see through the eyes of an executive and went well"

"...a tremendously informative and absolutely delightful Executive Leadership class. My expectations were exceeded, and I came away with a ton of ideas how to move myself into the next phase of my career."

"... tremendous, content packed seminar. Your presentation kept me on the edge of my seat for three full days and will impact my work for many years."

"... I appreciated your knowledge and the class itself. I thought you were an absolutely fantastic teacher! Your anecdotes and experience really drove home a lot of the points.... Already, I have made use of some of the tools from the class and , I have to admit, I may be impressing people. I hope you will continue to find time in your busy schedule to teach..."

"..made me feel comfortable. This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended"

"Mr. Pratt has an excellent background in management and a genuine concern to pass it on to others."

"Dynamic, experienced speaker who does an excellent job of maintaining class attention and interest."

"This is the most influential seminar I have attended."

"I recently took a leadership training course from Jack and it was so good that I have already suggested that 5 of my direct reports attend his next class."  (Company President)

"I was extremely impressed with the level of dedication Mr. Pratt had toward the subject material. More importantly, because of this seminar, our company will excel in our industry."

"Great teacher!"

"I appreciated the enthusiastic direct approach!"

"..knowledgeable and very pleasant, I really enjoyed listening to him speak."

"Jack was extremely knowledgeable and very motivational"

"He adapted the class to meet our specific needs and stayed after class to address individual concerns."

"Jack was a very informative inspirational speaker, the detail given was very practical and easily adaptable to my office."

"Mr. Pratt was excellent, he has a lot to offer any prospective manager. He should be utilized in other classes as well."

"One of the best seminars I have ever attended. Mr. Pratt is an outstanding facilitator."

"Best informative, interactive, team building seminar I have ever attended."

"I came to this seminar a bit apprehensive . Jack did an excellent job of being concise, human, giving great tools and insight. Great seminar, this should be required for all managers; Jack was outstanding, entertaining and educating."

"Very effective mode of instruction."

"Excellent perception of material."

"Great explanations of material."

"I hope to attend other seminars by Jack, I'm motivated and the wheels are already turning on new ideas."

"Jack does a great job of bringing course content into real life reality."

"This was absolutely the best seminar I have ever attended. Very eye opening, I found out that what I thought were my weaknesses were actually my strengths, and my strengths were my weaknesses."

"This was the first seminar I have ever been to where I wasn't in a rush for it to get done. Excellent!!"

"Outstanding content and delivery."

"It's obvious that this "teacher" has a true love and devotion to others happiness and success with their careers."

"Well done Jack! Your personal experience sharing added a great depth to this course."

"Jack did an excellent job of moving the discussions along - allowing time for questions and keeping the attendees interest."

"Speaker was excellent! Jack added much value to the seminar with his extensive experience."

"Jack was excellent as usual!"

"Mr. Pratt's delivery was honest and sincere. I don't feel for a moment that he wasn't enjoying what he was doing. He is enthusiastic with his interactions with the class."

"What a well prepared speaker. He has a well rounded knowledge of a wide variety of industries and situations. Excellent at keeping the attention of the students on the subject of discussion. All of my supervisors and managers should attend Jack's class."

"He is very delightful and easy to understand."

"He can really make you open your eyes and see what you have to improve."

"Provided a clean guideline to improve managerial skills."

"Excellent presentation given by Jack. Addressed everyone's questions and was always accessible during and after class."

"Excellent leader - Great motivator - I would go to war with him as a leader."

"Jack is an excellent teacher, person, and mentor."


As always, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you're dissatisfied, we'll arrange for you to attend another workshop or receive a full refund — hassle-free!

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Working Smarter

New Year's Resolution: Get Control on Management of Self


As we usher in a new year, many set goals to become more effective, more productive, and reduce stress, by learning to manage their time more efficiently. Sadly, most New Year's resolutions fail due to lack of measureable objectives and commitment.


Tips that will help you succeed in 2011.

  1. Perfection is not always necessary

  2. Set Priorities and only work on those at the top.

  3. Simplicity

  4. Delegate it.

  5. Consider performing distasteful tasks first.

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